My First Post

I’ve never wrote before outside of academics and my own journal,unless you count an acrostic I wrote in kindergarten that got published, but I don’t.

I recently started writing everyday in my own personal journal and so now I have decided to take the next step and try and write every day on here. It is going to be a journey for me to find my footing as well as find out what I can write about that is still cathartic for me and useful for others.

Today I read an article I found while scrolling on LinkedIn (, to sum it up this man decided to give a compliment to every person he saw for a day. While this activity had positive results he mentioned how difficult this would be to do in his every day life.

What I try and do is smile at everyone, this small act allows a small connection to be made between me and the other person, and usually I am given a smile in return. I do try and compliment people whenever I have the opportunity, but I am able to touch more people with a friendly smile.

I don’t know how to wrap this up, or really the importance of that share, but I know that I have to start somewhere!

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