The Why Behind me Doing This

Me Being Happy

I was talking to my friend earlier today and I told her that I started to blog. She asked me what I was blogging about, and I told her I didn’t know currently, but I was just going to do it and see where it will take me.

But WHY did I start today?

I started thinking about this and realized that I was sitting at breakfast looking at my finsta feed (for those of you know don’t know a finsta is where you post about your pimples and the imperfections within your life) and I realized that so many of my friends were just bashing on themselves. In that moment I was so happy that I was me, because I am so incredibly happy that I am myself and no one else; that being said there are things that I want to improve on, but I only seek to be the best version of myself.

That’s why I wanted to start a blog, because I think I have a unique and beautiful perspective on things and want to share them with anyone willing to listen(or read).

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