Big Companies VS Startups

When looking for a job or internship the best way to narrow your search is by choosing between a large company or a startup. There are pros and cons to both of these, and I’ll be going through a few of them.

Big Companies

  • One big reason people choose to work at big companies is because of stability, to this note you can see howmuch runway the startup you are looking at has.
  • Ego is another big reason people chose large companies. When you tell people you work at Google they know your company(and your salary). When you’re at a startup chances are people will not know the name or even what the company does.
  • Networking is an important thing to be good at in life. When you’re at a larger company there are more people, which creates more networking opportunities.


  • I believe that people working at startups have much more passion for what they’re doing. This passion makes people want to go to work, which can create an amazing work environment. At a smaller company it is also easier to create and maintain a good work environment.
  • Within a small company there is more transparency and discussion between different departments.
  • Being with a startup is riskier than working for an established company. With higher risk brings higher reward. This reward can be more (and faster) oppurtunity for growth within the position, owning a part of the company, etc.

I have always leaned towards the startup world, but am considering joining a larger company for my next internship!

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