The Compliment That Bothers Me

Older woman who seems to be bothered(like me when I recieve this compliement)

When people tell me “they know I’ll be successful” it bothers me.

Coming from one person it is a compliment that I love because people usually don’t say this too often.

The issue is when I start to hear this from multiple people. To me this complement puts so much pressure on me, it makes me feel like if I am not successful then I am letting these people down.

What I’m trying to do is not let it bother me, and I’m doing this by being okay with failure. If I fail once it doesn’t mean that I am not and will never be a success. Being okay with failing is hard though because it goes against everything that we’ve been taught.

I’m waiting for my first big failure and I am sort of looking forward to it.

As the sticker on my laptop says “fail ’til you succeed”.

**so feel free to keep complimenting me, but be okay if I fail**

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