How I Journal

For the past month I have been journaling. Before I started I thought that journaling was writing long paragraphs about your day. This may still hold true for some, but I journal a little differently.

Here is what I put in my daily journal, and I use bullet formatting:

3 things that made me smile throughout the day

These are usually very little moments and I realized that if I don’t write them down I easily forget them.

Things I want to improve on

Criticizing yourself helps you grow

Things I think I am good at

If you write what you want to improve on it’s good to remind yourself what you’re already good at

Any ideas I have

For developing this I go through my day and I either see if I find any product that hasn’t been disrupted in awhile; or I think of anything that happened throughout my day that was kind of annoying and how to fix it.

Any blog post ideas I have

Some days are harder than others to think of things to write on here, I just write down when I have more than 1 idea for the day

A relevant quote

I end each journal entry with a relevant quote for the day. This is a nice way for me to wrap up the entry. Plus I enjoy discovering new and inspiring quotes.

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