Finding My First Mentor

I had met this amazing woman at a tech conference. We started talking and immediately had a great connection.

I decided that I wanted her to be my mentor.

Within the next week we grabbed coffee and ice cream. We discussed our own histories as well as what was occuring within this constantly evolving world we’re in. None of my friends or relatives are very hip on the tech world. As for the people in my office I didn’t have the same connection with them.

Before I headed back to St.Louis we met up again so I could tell her what I thought about my summer. She also ended up helping me write a personal blurb. I decided to ask her if she was okay being my mentor. She told me that she already saw me as her mentee because of the connection that we had.

When you meet someone and feel the mentor mentee connection don’t be afraid to verbalize this to them. They probably feel the connection as well.

Building a professional support system is very important. If you find someone you connect with nurture the relationship.

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