Girls In Tech Conference

Earlier in the summer I went to the Girls in Tech catalyst conference. At the conference I decided to take notes of a few things the speakers said that really resonated with me. Today I will be sharing some of these notes.

Because of how I took the notes I’ll be putting the main takeaways in bullet points. I hope some of these ideas inspire you!

· Balancing your mind and your heart, doing good=feeling good

· Think bigger, ask for more

· Showing up, are you present, are you purposeful, what’s your mindset

· You always have choices

· Always be yourself regardless of your job title

· Don’t use acronyms when you talk, they slow down the learning process

· What comes naturally to you does count as a skill

· Being interested in what you do helps you stay focused and balanced

· Wake up early, sit down and write about what you love, what you’re good at, what you hate, what you want to be, what you want to do, what you want the story of your life to be

· Ask what you can do better

· Ask mentors what you would do if you were me

· If all the seats are taken pull up a folding chair

· Be a good story teller

· Our mindset it broken, we think in a winners take all mindset

· Don’t focus on what you want to be, focus on why

· Make the most of what you can’t control

· You don’t have to have a STEM degree to be a woman in tech

· Hardships make the good times worth it

· Have the discipline to say no

· Figure out how to pivot and be resilient

· Take credit for what you do, speak up and talk about your work

· Work for someone you respect

· Don’t be afraid to fail

· Don’t just network when you need something

· Think about things beyond just solving the problems

· Know what motivates your subordinates

· You don’t have to explain why you can’t go to or do something

· Not about failing fast, but learning fast

· Breaking problems into smaller problems

· Byproduct of joy is success

· If you don’t understand something from someone, ask someone else to explain it to you

· Don’t optimize your own time when asking for help

· At 20 your constantly worried about what others think, at 40 you don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of you, at 60 you realize nobody was think about you

· Hear no, and ask questions to find out why it’s a no

· Lean into and love the hard stuff

· Not what do you want, but what are you trying to solve

· Can you have it all? What the hell is all.. you define what it is

· Define the moment or let it define you

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