Last Day in the Office

This summer I joined the smallest and indefatigable startup that I had ever been apart of. It was a huge learning experience for me, not only was I developing new skills but I was able to learn much more about startups.

Before this summer I had set myself 2 goals. 1. I wanted to be in California, and 2. I wanted to be working at an artificial intelligence company. That’s how I found the company I interned for this summer, they fit my qualifications. I also believed in them, they wanted to have a humane company (in an AI world) and the CEO was a great story teller.

After a few months of constant emailing back and forth and phone calls every now and then I was offered an intern position at this company. As you may know early stage startups can be fairly unpredictable, and this one was no exception. A few months after being offered the position I got a call telling me they could no longer take on an intern for the summer.

What now I thought. I loved this company, I had told friends and family that these were my summer plans, what was I going to do. I decided not to take no for answer. I told them I knew I could help (and listed the specific ways), and basically told the CEO that I’ll see him May 15th. Luckily for me being persistent worked, and was even admired by the team and they brought me on.

The first month of working there was a little strange. They had never had an intern before and weren’t exactly sure what to do with me. What was most needed at the time, for the company, was help with social media and marketing. Even though I’m a computer science student I decided to accept this challenge. To be frank I was amazing at it. Later in the summer though I was able to build a bot and work with unfamiliar people and processes to complete this project.

The team was welcoming and amazing; we were able to have great conversations about technology and I even bought cryptocurrency because of them. I grew my skill set. I was given flexibility and could work at home when I had meetings or conferences I wanted attend. I had a great first summer in the Bay Area.

Part of the beauty of being in a startup is even if you think you know startups, they’re all a little different.

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