Language: Man v. Woman

Being a women in the technology field I have noticed that there is a difference in language that men and women use. I also am aware that there are many people that have written about this but this is my unique perspective of it.

1. Women apologize too much. We say sorry even when it is unnecessary. I have also found myself saying sorry for things that, frankly, I am not sorry about.

2. We allow ourselves to get interrupted. If a person interjects with their input, often we don’t speak up and continue what we were speaking about.

3. Women ask too much. We would say, can I speak with you; a man would typically say I need to speak with you. There are many more examples of this.

4. We explain our answer when it’s no. There is no need to do this, no is a complete sentence.

These are the top four ways that I have found women in technology speak differently then the men in technology.

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