Twitter Tips #tweeting

This summer at my internship I had the oppurtunity to run the companies’ Twitter page, and as a programmer I was excited for this challenge. Previous to this I had only tweeted from my own Twitter accounts, but knew that I loved twitter and thought I was #blessed when it came to my tweeting skills. I ended up growing our twitter following by over 300% as well as increasing our user interaction with our tweets.

I’m going to share a few of my tips…

1. Follow people who follow accounts similar to yours, or that have a related hashtag to your field in their twitter bio.

a. If they don’t follow back within a month I would unfollow them, because you don’t always want to be following significantly more people than follow you

2. Interact with accounts’ tweets. Someone may not be following you, but interacting with their tweets can help you get that follow.

3. Engage with other brands. Mutual brand boosting is helpful to both companies involved, this also increases who your tweets are being seen by.

4. Tweet about those silly holidays. When it’s national cat day tie that into your company(even a picture of someone at the company with a cat works), but use those trending hashtags in the post.

5. Interesting articles with a brief summary always to well. Those tweets do even when there is a picture and not the link to the article.

6. 80% work, 20% fun. A company’s twitter should be 80% about the company and related topics, and the other 20% should be fun things such as #MondayMotivation

7. Vary the times in the day you tweet. You can even set up systems to send out tweets at certain days and times. Make sure to tweet on the weekend

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