Do The Next Right Thing.

A path diverging — choose the next right thing

I’m sure most of you are aware that you cannot control the actions of others. I am aware of this yet I am still shocked and even disturbed in some of the actions of my peers and people around me.

Recently I had come up with an independent study project for myself. This idea had me so enthused because it was going to be one of my first ideas that I brought to life. This is my brain child. When talking about this idea I was approached by a peer who asked to help out and be a participant in bringing my child to life. I exposed my ideas to this person who later informed me they were taking them to pass off as their own. Taking my ideas and leaving my behind.

This left me feeling confused, upset, and betrayed.

After roughly 30 minutes of sitting with and understanding my emotions I realized that there was only one thing I could do-the next right thing.

We have control over how we react to misfortune. Being upset for a moment is okay, but you must learn, and move on.

Always do the next right thing.

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