Analysis of Blogs I Enjoy

I am currently taking a class in school about technical blogging. One of my first assignments was to look at roughly 6 blogs I enjoy and 3 blogs that I am not a huge fan of. As I looked through reread through these blogs I took notes about techniques they used that drew me in as a reader, and also took notes about what turned me off as a reader.

I turned this assignment about analyzing blog post into this blog post ~blogception~

This will be broken up into GOOD and BAD sections. The good section includes techniques that writers used that I enjoyed. The bad section highlights of few of the things bloggers did that made me less likley to read their post.


· Descriptive titles

· Half “self help” half tech startup topics

· 90% of read times under 3 min

· Spacing in sentences(hitting enter) makes it look more broken up

· How to, what, why Titles, Ten things you’ll learn titles

· Mix of photos and no photos for posts

· 1 post every day( some seem like he is posting just to post)

· Taking a stance/opinion

· 1–4 post a week

· under 5 min read time for post

· Personal (movie reviews etc)

· Number points

· Relevant

· Uses headings

· Credible bio

· Photos throughout articles

· Summarizing what others have said (usually tech giants)

· Separation in text chunks and bullet points


· Not a good bio-doesn’t build ethos

· Posting just to post

· 1 word titles

· Text is in large chunks

· 5 min read time = too long

· not enough tech posts

· Too narrow

· Too many acronyms

· Less than once a week posting

What does your good/bad list look like?

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