Stacks and Queues Made Simple

I thought that today I would write about 2 types of data structures-stacks and queues. You may want to learn about these if you have ever wondered why medium posts new articles at the top of your page, and old ones at the bottom.

A data structure is a fancy way of saying how we organize and store data

I decided to write about this because I think it is interesting and important to know how you have access to data, and I picked stacks and queues because, well, to put it simply I am the most comfortable with these two. Knowing these will make you a more competent computer user in general.

Stack of pancakes

A Stack is also referred to as FILO; or first in, last out. This is used when you hit the back button on your browser.A non-technical example of this data structure is when you empty the dish washer and put your plates away, you stack them up and then when you need a plate you take from the top of the stack.

Queue of people at coffee shop

A Queue is referred to as FIFO; or first in, first out.This is used when you are sending multiple documents to be printed at one time.A non-technical example is when you are waiting in a line at Starbucks, the first person in line is the first person to be serviced.

Let me know if this post was helpful in the comments, and if you would like to see more technical posts like this from me!

Can you think of different examples of Stacks and Queues that are used on the internet?

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