The Dating Game

If you’re like me you and you’re an undergraduate student you are trying to get an internship for this summer. Over the past three years of having, and searching for internships, I have noticed something- finding an internship is a lot like dating

· The chase is half the fun

· It’s difficult find something that’s compatible

· There’s heartbreak

· You will grow

I say that the chase is half of the fun because I enjoy learning about, and finding interesting companies that I had previously not known about. I also enjoy getting to learn about all of the different types of positions there are. I originally thought that because I am studying computer science I need a software engineering internship but this is hardly the case; I can do product management, research, and so much more. Plus, like getting ready for a date there can be some fun in getting ready for an interview; looking up the person you will be talking with on LinkedIn, getting the part of your room in the video shot spotless, and then getting yourself and your skills perfectly polished.

Like on a date, you and the company are both trying to feel out if you are compatible together. To get to know your date better you would ask them questions that can give insight into what they value; you should do the same for the company you are interviewing with. When interviewing you shouldn’t just be trying to impress the company, but really trying to understand if the fit is right and if this is a place you would want to work at.

Heartbreak is also a thing in the internship search. The love may be on sided, and they may reject you. I like to think of this situation the same as a date, if they don’t like me then it wasn’t meant to be and I’ll find someone who does, because I rock.

There are also the people you date just for the experience, you don’t love or hate them, but you know you aren’t going to marry them. The same goes for internships. You may not land your dream internship this summer, but you will learn and grow from the position you are in, regardless of if it’s at Google, a small startup or anything in between. If you’re not in your dream position, find out what steps you need to take during the next couple of months to be a better candidate for it next intern season.

Like with love you should always follow your heart but more importantly your gut.

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