My Initial Thoughts on Gmail’s “Smart Compose”

Have you ever received an email that seemed rather generic?The answer is most likely yes.

When people reach out and ask for jobs they use copy and paste as their friend. I, and many others, would agree that this comes back to bite them in the butt. People respond to other people. The more you can relate to someone and show your similarities, the better.

Online communication already takes away part of our ability to convey emotions — body language, voice tone, and facial reactions — to those we are corresponding with.

I think that Google adding auto complete to gmail hinders the communication process. Auto complete makes our communication more generic and less human. Removing the person on the other side removes the sense of urgency from the email as well. Have you ever responded to an email that was sent from a bot or an automated messaging system?

In the Google I/O keynote, the CEO of Google even mentioned that the new auto complete feature enabled him to send out more emails. This comment was made to have people think that they will be able to communicate with their team more than they currently are. I view this as people ignoring more and more emails since the person on the other side is being further removed.

I hope I am wrong, and I hope that this new innovation is helpful.

I love advancements in technology and making my life as easy as possible, but I still send thank you cards and prefer talking in person over FaceTime. I value the human aspect of communicating, and appreciate the time that another person takes to communicate back to me.

Prove me wrong. In the comments tell my why auto complete in Gmail is a good advancement.

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