2020 Predictions

I have learned, grown, and failed a lot this year. If folks would like me to write about that I would be happy to. For this post, instead of reflecting on this past year, I wanted to share 10 predictions I have for the upcoming year(s).

  1. People will focus on building stronger relationships with fewer people
  2. There will be less owning and more sharing
  3. Augmented reality will hit a tipping point
  4. There will be a boom in silvertech (technology for seniors)
  5. PCP(primary care physicians) will utilize telemedicine more in order to be able to accept new patients.
  6. Career “sprinting” will become more common… ex: a cycle of people working hard for 2 years, and then taking a 3 month break
  7. Deepfakes will become more prominent in popculture/politics
  8. Companies will create their own virtual celebrities to be their influencers
  9. Companies will provide consumers with more privacy/security transparency
  10. With the paradigms shift in gender, new technology will emerge to support new gender norms
Cheers to a happy & healthy 2020 filled with risks (and hopefully reward)🎉

What are your predictions?

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