2020 Predictions

I have learned, grown, and failed a lot this year. If folks would like me to write about that I would be happy to. For this post, instead of reflecting on this past year, I wanted to share 10 predictions I have for the upcoming year(s).

  1. People will focus on building stronger relationships with fewer people
  2. There will be less owning and more sharing
  3. Augmented reality will hit a tipping point
  4. There will be a boom in silvertech (technology for seniors)
  5. PCP(primary care physicians) will utilize telemedicine more in order to be able to accept new patients.
  6. Career “sprinting” will become more common… ex: a cycle of people working hard for 2 years, and then taking a 3 month break
  7. Deepfakes will become more prominent in popculture/politics
  8. Companies will create their own virtual celebrities to be their influencers
  9. Companies will provide consumers with more privacy/security transparency
  10. With the paradigms shift in gender, new technology will emerge to support new gender norms
Cheers to a happy & healthy 2020 filled with risks (and hopefully reward)🎉

What are your predictions?

Walking on the Other Side

My mom told me a story she heard from a friend the other day. It went like this:

There was a man who walked to work every day, and every day he would trip over the same hole in the sidewalk. He became comfortable with tripping over that hole in the sidewalk because it was familiar and expected. Although he was comfortable with the hole, it hurt him. Finally, he decided to walk on the other side of the street where the sidewalk didn’t have a hole in it. At first, it was uncomfortable, but slowly he became used to it and was no longer getting hurt.

Makes sense, right? Switch side of the street and avoid the hole that is there every single day.

Yet so often in life, we do the same exact thing and expect different results. It’s uncomfortable to walk on the different sides of the street and leave what’s familiar to us.

I challenge myself, and those who are reading this walk on the other side of the street.

K for Thousand?

We use B to represent billion, M to represent million, so why do we use K to represent thousand?

It is because of the Greeks and the metric system. There is a Greek word χίλια that means thousand. Antoine Lavoisier, a French nobleman who is known as the father of chemistry, adopted this Greek term in the research he conducted in 1795. Later on, in 1799 during the French Revolution, the French adopted the metric system which was based on the kilogram and the meter. The kilogram got its name from χίλια and was used to measure 1,000.

Long story short, we, in fact, do use the metric system in the U.S– we use K to represent thousand because of the metric kilo.

*Keep in mind that the Greek letter χ is pronounced with a ‘k’ sound in english*

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.

Stephen Hawking

Revolutionizing Education

During summer break, I like to use online classes to keep my programming skills up to par.

I am a strong believer that if you don’t use your skills, you lose your skills.

I am able to learn effectively in a classroom setting, and use online classes as a supplement. Many students, however, are unable to thrive in a typical brick and mortar classroom.

Over winter break I redesigned a website for an online school, Greenways Academy. While working with their team I realized how beneficial online education is. There are many kids that would not get their high school diploma if there weren’t online alternatives.

Kids that benefit from online education are not limited to students that are traveling the world, and competitive athletes. Many students with social anxieties and learning disabilities benefit from an online education.

With online classes, you are also not limited. I would have thought that online school would only offer core classes, but they provide a plethora of interesting and unique online classes — classes that were not offered to me in a brick and mortar setting.

I recently transferred college, because I wanted a more personalized education. At my previous school I was a number, at my new school I am a student. Online education can give these benefits to their students.

People often discuss the drawbacks of technology. While I do believe that technology can be controversial, I know that it is also helpful and amazing. Some technology is so integrated into our everyday lives that we overlook how helpful it can be. Online education, to me, is one of the amazing ways that technology benefits us.

My Initial Thoughts on Gmail’s “Smart Compose”

Have you ever received an email that seemed rather generic?The answer is most likely yes.

When people reach out and ask for jobs they use copy and paste as their friend. I, and many others, would agree that this comes back to bite them in the butt. People respond to other people. The more you can relate to someone and show your similarities, the better.

Online communication already takes away part of our ability to convey emotions — body language, voice tone, and facial reactions — to those we are corresponding with.

I think that Google adding auto complete to gmail hinders the communication process. Auto complete makes our communication more generic and less human. Removing the person on the other side removes the sense of urgency from the email as well. Have you ever responded to an email that was sent from a bot or an automated messaging system?

In the Google I/O keynote, the CEO of Google even mentioned that the new auto complete feature enabled him to send out more emails. This comment was made to have people think that they will be able to communicate with their team more than they currently are. I view this as people ignoring more and more emails since the person on the other side is being further removed.

I hope I am wrong, and I hope that this new innovation is helpful.

I love advancements in technology and making my life as easy as possible, but I still send thank you cards and prefer talking in person over FaceTime. I value the human aspect of communicating, and appreciate the time that another person takes to communicate back to me.

Prove me wrong. In the comments tell my why auto complete in Gmail is a good advancement.

The Dating Game

If you’re like me you and you’re an undergraduate student you are trying to get an internship for this summer. Over the past three years of having, and searching for internships, I have noticed something- finding an internship is a lot like dating

· The chase is half the fun

· It’s difficult find something that’s compatible

· There’s heartbreak

· You will grow

I say that the chase is half of the fun because I enjoy learning about, and finding interesting companies that I had previously not known about. I also enjoy getting to learn about all of the different types of positions there are. I originally thought that because I am studying computer science I need a software engineering internship but this is hardly the case; I can do product management, research, and so much more. Plus, like getting ready for a date there can be some fun in getting ready for an interview; looking up the person you will be talking with on LinkedIn, getting the part of your room in the video shot spotless, and then getting yourself and your skills perfectly polished.

Like on a date, you and the company are both trying to feel out if you are compatible together. To get to know your date better you would ask them questions that can give insight into what they value; you should do the same for the company you are interviewing with. When interviewing you shouldn’t just be trying to impress the company, but really trying to understand if the fit is right and if this is a place you would want to work at.

Heartbreak is also a thing in the internship search. The love may be on sided, and they may reject you. I like to think of this situation the same as a date, if they don’t like me then it wasn’t meant to be and I’ll find someone who does, because I rock.

There are also the people you date just for the experience, you don’t love or hate them, but you know you aren’t going to marry them. The same goes for internships. You may not land your dream internship this summer, but you will learn and grow from the position you are in, regardless of if it’s at Google, a small startup or anything in between. If you’re not in your dream position, find out what steps you need to take during the next couple of months to be a better candidate for it next intern season.

Like with love you should always follow your heart but more importantly your gut.

Analysis of Blogs I Enjoy

I am currently taking a class in school about technical blogging. One of my first assignments was to look at roughly 6 blogs I enjoy and 3 blogs that I am not a huge fan of. As I looked through reread through these blogs I took notes about techniques they used that drew me in as a reader, and also took notes about what turned me off as a reader.

I turned this assignment about analyzing blog post into this blog post ~blogception~

This will be broken up into GOOD and BAD sections. The good section includes techniques that writers used that I enjoyed. The bad section highlights of few of the things bloggers did that made me less likley to read their post.


· Descriptive titles

· Half “self help” half tech startup topics

· 90% of read times under 3 min

· Spacing in sentences(hitting enter) makes it look more broken up

· How to, what, why Titles, Ten things you’ll learn titles

· Mix of photos and no photos for posts

· 1 post every day( some seem like he is posting just to post)

· Taking a stance/opinion

· 1–4 post a week

· under 5 min read time for post

· Personal (movie reviews etc)

· Number points

· Relevant

· Uses headings

· Credible bio

· Photos throughout articles

· Summarizing what others have said (usually tech giants)

· Separation in text chunks and bullet points


· Not a good bio-doesn’t build ethos

· Posting just to post

· 1 word titles

· Text is in large chunks

· 5 min read time = too long

· not enough tech posts

· Too narrow

· Too many acronyms

· Less than once a week posting

What does your good/bad list look like?

Do The Next Right Thing.

A path diverging — choose the next right thing

I’m sure most of you are aware that you cannot control the actions of others. I am aware of this yet I am still shocked and even disturbed in some of the actions of my peers and people around me.

Recently I had come up with an independent study project for myself. This idea had me so enthused because it was going to be one of my first ideas that I brought to life. This is my brain child. When talking about this idea I was approached by a peer who asked to help out and be a participant in bringing my child to life. I exposed my ideas to this person who later informed me they were taking them to pass off as their own. Taking my ideas and leaving my behind.

This left me feeling confused, upset, and betrayed.

After roughly 30 minutes of sitting with and understanding my emotions I realized that there was only one thing I could do-the next right thing.

We have control over how we react to misfortune. Being upset for a moment is okay, but you must learn, and move on.

Always do the next right thing.

Language: Man v. Woman

Being a women in the technology field I have noticed that there is a difference in language that men and women use. I also am aware that there are many people that have written about this but this is my unique perspective of it.

1. Women apologize too much. We say sorry even when it is unnecessary. I have also found myself saying sorry for things that, frankly, I am not sorry about.

2. We allow ourselves to get interrupted. If a person interjects with their input, often we don’t speak up and continue what we were speaking about.

3. Women ask too much. We would say, can I speak with you; a man would typically say I need to speak with you. There are many more examples of this.

4. We explain our answer when it’s no. There is no need to do this, no is a complete sentence.

These are the top four ways that I have found women in technology speak differently then the men in technology.

Reflecting on my Time in the Bay Area

I’m currently sitting at the airport reflecting on my time in the Bay Area.

There are so many different types of people there. So many amazing people. However studying computer science and being in love with startups I felt less special when I first got there. I eventually found my footing and separated myself from all of the other poeple studying computer science and loving the startup world.

Like all places there are genuine people. In this place I felt there was an overwhelming amount of people “faking it till they make it” and very disingenuous. As long as you’re aware of this is makes it easy to differentiate the two types of people.

As with most experieces you get out what you put into it. I immersed myself in the SF culture, and tried talking to ask many people as possible and got more than I could imagine out of it. I went to two amazing conferences. I shared coffee with VCs, C level executives, people in the corporate world, and people in startup world.

Those experiences were not handed to me, but I couldn’t imagine them happening anywhere other than the Bay Area.

There are so many things about SF that make me not want to live there, like the rent prices, but at the end of the day I want to make this place my new home. It has a special charm about it that you just can’t put into words.

See you next summer SF!